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The Beheading

Subterfuge and assassination bring this thrilling series to an end. Despite the odds, the Imperium has triumphed. The orks have been defeated and the Great Beast is no more. Across the length and breadth of the galaxy, humankind celebrates its salvation, and relishes the prospect of a return of peace. But the war against the orks has riven the political bedrock of the Imperium, exposing its rotten core. One man, one powerful man, decides he has the solution, and launches a campaign of destruction so terrible that thousands of years later his actions will still be viewed with horror. And all...

Shadow of Ullanor

For mankind to survive, a last-ditch attempt to destroy the ork menace must succeed. The Imperium’s attempts to defeat the ork menace seem doomed to failure; it is only a matter of time before the greenskins triumph, and mankind is wiped from the face of galactic map. Yet there is some cause for hope – the Imperial Fists Chapter is reformed, and a few Sisters of Silence yet survive. Supported by the full military might and technology of the Adeptus Mechanicus, the Space Marines head to the orks’ home world one final time. This time there will be no retreat, no surrender. They must succeed… ...

The Last Son of Dorn

Koorland, the last son of Dorn, finally confronts the Beast in battle. The first attempt to attack the orks’ home world has failed, but the Imperium is not defeated yet. New, more flexible fighting teams of Adeptus Astartes have been assembled – the Death Watch. Allies from the Imperium’s past have also pledged their support – the legendary Sisters of Silence, female warriors with anti-psyker powers. With new troops, and revised tactics, Koorland leads a second attack against the orks’ home world. This time, the attack goes better, and Koorland is able to confront the Beast in battle. But ...

Watchers in Death

The attempt to hunt down and kill the orks’ leader has ended in catastrophe. The Imperium is reeling from the loss of so many beloved heroes, and the military forces of mankind have been reduced to tatters. Koorland now knows that brute force is not the answer – but how else can the orks be fought? In a radical move, he creates small, mixed Chapter units of Adeptus Astartes – compact teams that will hit the enemy hard and fast, and with deadly accuracy. With armour painted the black of mourning, the new strike teams become known as the Deathwatch. But will this be enough to tip the balance,...

Prétoriens de Dorn

L'Alpha et l'Omega
L'Hérésie d'Horus a finalement atteint le système solaire. Les défenses de Rogal Dorn et de ses Imperial Fists tiendront-elle contre ces assauts ? Rappelés depuis la Grande Croisade d'Ullanor après avoir appris la trahison du Maitre de Guerre, Rogal Dorn et sa légion furent finalement appointés comme les gardiens de l'Empereur, travaillant à la fortification de Terra. Maintenant que le système solaire est attaqué pour la première fois depuis que la guerre a débutée, beaucoup des défenses des Imperial Fists sont mise à rude épreuve et s'avèrent inadéquates. Alors que tous les regards sont to...

The Beast Must Die

The imperium has been brought to the edge of extinction by an ork invasion of unprecedented scale and depth. Piecemeal strikes againstthe invaders prove totally ineffective — for every ork fleet destroyed, five more appear. The only solution is to find and kill the orks' warlord — The Great Beast. Surely if its leader is killed, the greenskins' empire will fall apart in an agony of infightng and confusion. Koorland assemples a mighty army, but when they arrive on the orks' home world, the forces for the Imperium discover they have disastrously underestimated the mi...

A la Recherche de Vulkan

Toujours impuissant face à l'inexorable avancée ork, l'Imperium est en lambeaux. Lorsque l'Adeptus Mechanicus révèle qu'il a déterminé le point d'origine de l'invasion ork, l'Adeptus Astartes prend les armes et se prépare à lancer un assaut en masse. Mais les forces Impériales ont besoin d'une figure de proue, un héros légendaire — un primarch — pour les guider. Au même moment, sur la planète Caldera, un puissant guerrier vêtu d'une armure impénétrable combat les orks sans relâche. Ce pourrait-il qu'il soit le héros dont l'humanité a tant besoin ?