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Nick Kyme

The Tranzia Rebellion - Episode 6

The Doom Eagles believe they have identified the traitor in their ranks… Until he returns with news of a chance to capture the enemy commander. As the Space Marines and their Adepta Sororitas allies perform an audacious aerial snatch mission on the tau leader, the real traitor continues to interfere with their efforts to save themselves and the world.

Nick Kyme découpe son récit en plusieurs parties s'enchainant très naturellement, alors que le travail audio effectué sur cet épisode 6 continu de nous surprendre et de se renouveler.

Sedition's Gate

No forgiveness, no respite
Across the galaxy, the war for the future of humanity rests on a knife-edge. While the greatest heroes of the Imperium battle the traitor forces, in the shadows, the power of Chaos is in the ascendance. This anthology features five unique stories.

Avec seulement cinq nouvelles, Sedition's Gate se permet bien des choses. À la fois prélude, étrange témoignage et action honorifique il y en a vraiment pour tous les goûts... mais pas pour toutes les bourses connaissant le prix de cette édition limitée.

Machine Spirit

When a Deathwatch mission goes awry, a kill-team led by Techmarine Zaeus are forced into a rapid and desperate exfiltration. Their captain, Polino, is badly injured. When they find their transport destroyed, its pilot dead, they know they are in trouble. Hope lies in the chance discovery of a communication from another Adeptus Astartes force on the world and the promise of reinforcement. As his brothers try to hold out against murderous alien kroot, Zaeus goes on alone to find the source of the message and bring help before it's too late.

Cette nouvelle de Nick Kyme est assez classique dans l'ensemble et accuse en plus certaines faiblesses de taille. Néanmoins le plaisir de lire un récit sur la Deathwatch ne devrait pas entamer votre morale de fer face à la horde de xenos qui arrive.

Veil of Darkness

Audio Drama : 75min
++‘Life signs stable.’ ‘He looks… troubled.’ ‘Many going through sus-an membrane coma experience discomfort as part of the revivification process.’ ‘Do you think he’s reliving what happened to him on Damnos?’ ‘Perhaps, it would be his last memory before slipping into a coma.’ ‘I cannot imagine that would be a pleasant experience. That thing very nearly cut him in half.’ ‘He endures, and will rise again.’ ‘You’re confident about that?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And what about the state of his mind? Will that be intact?’ ‘I… cannot answer.’++.

Spear of Macragge

With Captain Sicarius laid low and defeat looming, the Ultramarines rally behind Chief Librarian Tigurius to try and save the world of Damnos from the necrons. As the legendary tank commander Antaro Chronus engages the necrons in a massed armour battle on the plains of the deadly world, Tigurius and his followers make a desperate attempt to win the war once and for all.

Cette nouvelle nous offre enfin l'occasion de clore La Chute de Damnos en nous procurant des scènes riches et marquantes concernant une véritable défaite de l'Adeptus Astartes.

Imperial Truth

The Emperor decreed long ago that there were no gods upon the Earth or in the sky, and that all of mankind's belief and aspirations should be poured into His vision for the galaxy instead. Upon such unshakeable foundations was the Imperium to be built — except that the Imperial Truth was a lie, and the powers that the Emperor denied had already sunken their claws into many of his sons. With the treachery of Horus now known from the Eastern Fringe to holy Terra itself, how many more of his father's words will be proven false in the days to come?.

Malgré d'assez bonnes nouvelles dans l'ensemble, il sera difficile de ne pas comparer ce recueil aux autres. Moins épique et moins varié il sera difficile de le conseiller malgré ses bonnes idées.