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Audio Drama - Adeptus Astartes

At Slaugther's End

In the aftermath of battle, Flesh Tearers Chapter Master Amit picks his way across the blasted landscape and is drawn into single combat with a survivor of the enemy force, a berserker dedicated to the Blood God. As they fight, Amit begins to realise that at slaughter’s end, he and the servant of Khorne are not so dissimilar….

Avec une écriture simple mais percutante, et un travail de son sans failles, At Slaugther's End devient une de ces expériences que l'on souhaiterait voir plus souvent de la part de la Black Library. Si vous ne vous abandonnez pas à la rage noire après un tel audio drama je ne sais pas c...

Parting of the Ways

On a distant world, Bjorn, Great Wolf and successor of the primarch Leman Russ himself, falls in battle, his body irreparably broken after a great victory over a daemonic foe. As his life ebbs away and the priests try to save him by any means necessary, the Great Wolf remembers the primarch’s departure and his ascension to his role.

Époustouflant est le mot qui me vient à l'esprit pour parler de cet audio drama. De la technique au fluff, tout semble se marier à merveille pour nous conter la vie de Bjorn à différents moments alors qu'il se voit confronté à des choix ainsi que des difficultés affectant la légion enti...

The Glorious Tomb

Durée : 42min
In the skies above Armageddon, the Black Templars prepare for war, and the Ancients are awakened. Brother Adelard, interred in the Dreadnought Invictus Potens is given the honour of spearheading an assault on an ork-held facility. As he leads his brothers to war, Adelard faces the prospect of a second death in service to the God-Emperor.

Avec The Glorious Tomb, Guy Haley scelle son pacte avec les Black Templars en nous offrant un audio d'une rare intensité. La qualité sonore est un véritable plongeon qui aboutira à une émotion indéniable de l'auditoire. Praise be !

The Shape of the Hunt

In the wake of an apocalyptic war against the alien tau, the White Scars take to their bikes and hunt the fleeing commander of the xenos forces across the plains of Voltoris. As they chase down their quarry, the Brotherhood of the Running Star begin to realise one inescapable truth: that this will be their final hunt. But if Suljuq Khan and Stormseer Checheg are to die this day, they will ensure that they take the alien Shadowsun into oblivion with them.

The Shape of the Hunt est un audio indispensable pour tous les fans du Khan. Joe Parrino nous offre une traque aux allures de chasse aux xenos des plus sauvages. Grâce à d'adroits dialogues, l'auteur use de son talent pour faire vivre les White Scars et contribue avec panache à leur fluff.

Wolf's Claw

Audio Drama : 10min
Caught by the renegade forces of the Alpha Legion and forced to take refuge in the Alaxxes Nebula, the Space Wolves are bloodied but unbowed. The young pack leader Bjorn – now known to his warriors as ‘the One-Handed’ – is desperate to recover his honour in battle, but replacing lost limbs for proud legionaries is not a task worthy of the Iron Priests. If Bjorn is to fight again, then he must seek out new claws for himself and christen them in the blood of the traitors.

Court mais intense, vous vous devez d'écouter cet audio si vous êtes fan de Bjorn. Pour le reste, aucune surprise n'est à se mettre sous la dent concernant l'Hérésie d'Horus malheureusement mais Chris Wraight a définitivement le talent de faire vivre les Space Wolves.

Trials of Azrael

As war rages in the Pandorax system, the Imperial battleship Revenge comes under attack by the dread forces of Chaos. As warriors of the Black Legion rampage through the venerable craft, Supreme Grand Master Azrael leads the First Company of the Dark Angels — the elite Deathwing — onto the vessel to eliminate the enemy. Separated from his men, Azrael finds himself trapped in the lower decks with only a tech-priest for company and one of the galaxy's most fearsome warriors hunting him: the infamous Khârn the Betrayer.

Veil of Darkness

Audio Drama : 75min
++‘Life signs stable.’ ‘He looks… troubled.’ ‘Many going through sus-an membrane coma experience discomfort as part of the revivification process.’ ‘Do you think he’s reliving what happened to him on Damnos?’ ‘Perhaps, it would be his last memory before slipping into a coma.’ ‘I cannot imagine that would be a pleasant experience. That thing very nearly cut him in half.’ ‘He endures, and will rise again.’ ‘You’re confident about that?’ ‘Yes.’ ‘And what about the state of his mind? Will that be intact?’ ‘I… cannot answer.’++.

Blood in the Machine

Audio Drama : 72 min
++Today, I will teach your kind the meaning of wrath. I will kill.

Blood in the Machine était prometteur avec son ambiance sonore de qualité et ses personnages vivants. Malheureusement l’impression de ne m’avoir servi qu’un prétexte à faire des références aux fans avec cette histoire sans fin, m’a plus que déçu.

Honour to the Dead

Audio Drama : 75min
As Calth burns, the Battle Titans of the Fire Masters legion take to the streets of the city of Ithraca, ready to massacre the fleeing civilian population in the name of their new, dark masters. But the remaining loyalist engines of the Legio Praesagius — the True Messengers — still stand ready to defend the Imperium, even in the face of almost certain death. With the nearby Ultramarines forces scattered and lost, the people of Ithraca must fend for themselves as gigantic war machines unleash apocalyptic weaponry across the ravaged skyline.

Gav Thorpe a bien compris les enjeux d'un tel audio drama et nous offre une bonne occasion de retourner sur Calth alors que la bataille est loin d'être terminée et que les titans se battent dans une lutte sans merci. L'usage de plusieurs regards sur la violence du conflit est toujo...