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Nouvelles - Adeptus Astartes

Do Eagles Still Circle the Mountain?

Captain Uriel Ventris and his battle-brothers descend on the world of Sycorax to cleanse it of the ork menace that has plagued it for centuries. But when the battle goes awry and all contact is lost with his fellow captain, Fabian, Ventris and his warriors are pushed into a fighting retreat. As the greenskins slowly overrun the Ultramarines positions, hope of survival rests on Mount Shokereth. But a mystery surrounds this ancient edifice, a secret lain dormant for millennia.

The Caged Wolf

The thirtieth Great Hunt is over, and all the Great Companies except one have returned to the Fang – Logan Grimnar and the Champions of Fenris are unaccounted for. As the Fang readies itself for attack by the forces of Chaos, Ulrik the Slayer takes a taskforce to the Eastern Fringe, Logan Grimnar’s last known location. Here, on a dead world in orbit around a dying star, the Space Wolves find themselves pitted against an unexpected enemy – the Tau.

The Caged Wolf est un second épisode qui accrochera son lecteur grâce à ses questions plus intrigantes les unes que les autres et par la force de ses combats fenrissiens. On passera outre les facilités employées par l'auteur pour n'apprécier que le suspense et l'action de cette nou...

Feast of Lies

After a Great Hunt, the Space Wolves return to the Fang to regale each other with tales of their glory. Only Logan Grimnar is absent. When a native tribesman speaks up in his stead and tells of how the Great Wolf has discovered the dead body of Leman Russ, there is uproar. Do they dare believe this vile rumour, what is the fate of Logan Grimnar and why has he not returned? As a quest is begun to find their missing lord, it falls to Ulrik the Slayer and Krom Dragonsgaze to discern the truth amidst the feast of lies.

Feast of Lies remplie parfaitement son office en aguichant n'importe quel fenrissien. Elle reste la première sur huit autre, mais force le respect pour sa maîtrise du suspens. On appréciera la présence d'Ulrik et de Logan ainsi que les petits nouveaux comme Dragongaze ou Njal. Une petit...

A Son's Burden

The Blood Angels call for aid, and the Flesh Tearers answer, but Gabriel Seth’s warriors are already engaged in battle against traitorous cultists on the dark world of Nekkaris. As Seth and Chaplain Appollus prepare to leave for the Cryptus system, Sergeant Eschiros and his Scout squad fight behind enemy lines, unaware of the almighty sacrifice they may soon have to make.


The space hulk Sorrows of the Just threatens the Lophax system, and the warriors of the Space Wolves respond. Wolf Guard Gunnlaugr and his pack deploy to battle the alien monstrosities lurking in the vessel’s heart. As they close on the leader of the xenos, a terrifying genestealer broodlord, Gunnlaugr remembers events long ago on Fenris as he fought another vicious predator of a very different kind….

Hunt Sense est comme toutes les productions similaires, ce n'est pas un immanquable mais elle ajoute un peu plus de background à un personnage que l'on retrouve toujours avec autant de plaisir. On ne va pas s'en priver.

The Black Pilgrims

When the vessel once known as the pilgrim ship Veritas Diras emerges from the warp after three centuries lost, it falls to Black Templars Castellan Adelard and his sword brothers to board the hulk and discover the fate of its crew and passengers. What they find goes against all that they hold dear and they vow to cleanse the vessel of its monstrous taint and return it to the Emperor’s light – or die in the process.

Only Blood

Sword Brother Brusc of the Black Templars clashes with his superiors and his warriors when he defies orders to abandon an Adepta Sororitas field hospital on Armageddon and instead devotes his forces to defending the sisters and patients who reside there against the depredations of the savage orks.


The soldiers of the Astra Militarum struggle to establish a beachhead against an overwhelming force of orks on the war-torn world of Armageddon. Outnumbered and outmatched, victory looks unlikely, until a single warrior arrives, a Lone Wolf, last survivor of his pack and a mighty hero whose actions may just turn the tide in the Imperium’s favour.

Unbroken réussit en une vingtaine de pages à nous remplir de courage (ou de folie) pour aller foncer sur les terres dévastées d'Armageddon contre une marée de peaux-vertes. Un pur récit de Space Marine, et plus particulièrement de Space Wolf à se raconter au coin du feu avec sa meute.

Season of Shadows

On the war-torn world of Armageddon, the Season of Fire is abating and the Season of Shadows beginning, and Marshal Brusc of the Black Templars faces a long journey across the ash wastes. But the enemy awaits even in the great and deadly expanse between hives and soon the Black Templars and their human charges find themselves assailed by ork ‘speed freaks’. A deadly chase begins….


When the mining installation of Valmar’s Gorge comes under attack, it seems like the end of the world for Kaivon and his fellow workers. After all, the alien raiders who now plague them have wiped so many other installations from the face of the Imperium… But then hope is renewed in the form of Onyx Squad of the Deathwatch. For Ingvar of the Space Wolves, in service to the Ordo Xenos, the mission is a chance to bring death to enemies of the Allfather. But when the situation deteriorates, Ingvar and his comrades may be forced to make a decision that will haunt them all.

En écrivant le passé dans la Deathwatch de notre héros Ingvar, Chris Wraight surprend tout autant qu'il complète son personnage d'une expérience qui le marquera probablement à tout jamais.