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Audio Drama - L'Hérésie d'Horus

The Heart of the Pharos

Audio Drama : 38 min
Young Oberdeii and Tebecai, Scouts of the Ultramarines 199th Company, descend into the depths beneath Mount Pharos in search of a dark truth... though it may haunt them for all time.

The Heart of the Pharos semble ne rien avoir à offrir. Avec son récit finalement très convenu et dénué de force, le Mont Pharos gardera tout ses mystères, tandis que l'audience réalisera que cette courte histoire aurait pu être inclus dans le roman directement.

The Either

Audio Drama : 67 min
Captain Tybalt Marr of the Sons of Horus, so often overlooked by his more glory-hungry brethren, returns to his Legion in triumph. However, his boasts of having slain the infamous Iron Hands warleader Shadrak Meduson soon fall flat when he learns of the recent assassination attempt on Horus himself. Gathering his forces upon the conquered world of Dwell, Marr returns to battle against the Shattered Legions, determined to earn his rightful place in history.

Avec un contexte aussi complet, on se demandera même comment l'auteur a pu inclure autant d'éléments sans parfaitement les expliquer. Il faudra donc passer par la case recherche pour ne rien manquer de cet audio mêlant en réalité plusieurs trames.


Audio Drama : 75 min
Though the Word Bearers’ attack on Calth and the subsequent Shadow Crusade into Ultramar are but a memory, the borders of Imperium Secundus are far from secure. Sergeant Aeonid Thiel, stranded on the garrison world of Oran on his way back to Macragge, frustrates his superiors once again by pointing out the holes in their defence – traitor warband activity is increasing, and a series of key listening posts have fallen silent. Leading a handful of rogue veterans and wearing the red mark of censure like a badge of honour, can Thiel uncover the truth behind the mysterious ‘Nightfane’?.

Red-Marked ne pourra être qu'un bonus au vu de ce qu'il raconte et même si l'histoire fera un grand pas en arrière, son écoute resta une bonne expérience pour moi. Avec les dernières pratiques de la Black Library, nous retrouverons surement cet audio drama en script dans un recueil...

Grey Talon

Audio Drama : 60 min
After the horrors of Isstvan, the XVIth Legion destroyer-class Grey Talon now flies under a loyalist crew on a campaign of retribution and vengeance, using her original colours to strike covertly at isolated traitor forces. Commanded by Bion Henricos of the Iron Hands, the ship is also home to many disgraced White Scars who have taken death-oaths to seek atonement – among them the peerless warrior Hibou Khan. But tensions run higher with each new engagement and, without a wider strategy to guide them, the crew of the Grey Talon will surely come to a grim and sudden end.

Il m'a fallu du temps pour apprécier Grey Talon à sa juste valeur, son narrateur m'empêchant de bien apprécier l'envergure de l’œuvre. Néanmoins après plusieurs écoutes, cet audio a beaucoup de qualités.

The Shadowmasters

Audio Drama : 13 min
The Mor Deythan stand apart from their brothers of the Raven Guard Legion – indeed, there are many who would claim that they do not even exist. Blessed with the same powers of stealth and subterfuge as their primarch Corax, the self-styled Shadowmasters may slip through any battlefield, unseen and unheard, until they are ready to strike. Now, as the Legion mounts its attack on the forge-temples of Atlas, Brother-Sergeant Chamell leads his warriors on a vital, clandestine mission to strike at the enemy’s heart….

Entre un rythme plat, des personnages sans développement, une action mal mise en scène, et une ambiance sonore d'une absolue pauvreté, il sera impossible de reconnaître une quelconque qualité à Shadowmasters. Cet audio drama devrait appliquer la même stratégie que ses héros et rester dans &q...


Audio Drama : 70 min
After the decimation of his Legion on the killing fields of Isstvan V, the primarch Corax sanctioned an accelerated implantation process to create new Raven Guard – a process subverted in secret by his enemies. But in spite of their horrendous mutations, the warriors of the Raptors still stand ready to do their primarch’s bidding. When a watch-pack of Space Wolves legionaries arrives unannounced, it falls to Lieutenant Navar Hef to greet their warlike kinsmen and decide whether or not they might be hiding flaws of their own.

Raptor traite du sujet de manière très superficielle et l'on aurait pu facilement avoir la même histoire en inter-changeant la Raven Guard avec des Ultramarines. Ajoutez à cela Heavy Entertainment qui standardise son travail enlevant la plus petite once de personnalité à l’œuvre. Si vous aim...

Garro : Ashes of Featly

Audio Drama : 18 min
After bringing warning of Horus’s treachery to Terra, Nathaniel Garro bade a solemn farewell to his Death Guard brethren and was set upon a more noble path than he ever could have imagined for himself. Now, an old comrade returns — Meric Voyen, once an Apothecary of the XIVth Legion, carrying a deadly cargo within the boundaries of the Solar System. Knowing only too well that to underestimate the powers of the warp is to fall prey to their corrupting influence, Garro must decide if any good can come of Voyen’s mission... and whether or not it is already too late to act against it.

Iron Corpses

Audio Drama : 39 min
The ravaged world of Tallarn plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind. The bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors led entire divisions of tanks and war machines across the befouled plains, until the macro-transporter Eagle’s Talon plunged to the surface and ended a million lives in a heartbeat. Stranded upon some unnamed, toxic battlefield that now resembles nothing more than a graveyard of Titans, Warsmith Koparnos knows that he has precious little time left – will he find salvation amidst the dead god-machines, or quickly succumb to violent madness?.

The Eagle's Talon

Audio Drama : 39 min
The ravaged world of Tallarn now plays host to the greatest armoured conflict in the history of mankind, with the bitter and vengeful Iron Warriors leading warhosts of tanks and Titans across the befouled plains. In desperation, a covert team of Imperial Fists resort to seemingly unthinkable measures in order to regain the upper hand — but will their mission to seize the macro-transporter Eagle's Talon ensure victory, or merely spell doom for their loyal allies on the surface below?.

Avec Eagle's Talon on sait maintenant à quoi ressemble un radio play réussit et comment le concept peut être utilisé à son avantage. Plus qu'une véritable réussite il s'impose comme un modèle pour l'avenir.

The Watcher

Audio Drama : 20 min
A shuttle returns to the Solar System bearing the sole survivor of a traitor attack – however, delirious and so close to death, his tale remains untold. Ison of the Knights Errant, formerly a Librarian of his Legion, delves into the mind of the warrior, and the truth of it will chill him to the core.

The Watcher est un court audio drama sympa qui semble n'être qu'une partie d'un tout plus grand, comme un chapitre dans un roman. Finalement ce genre de format tease beaucoup mais ne se concrétise que rarement. Ce dernier n'échappe pas à la règle. Si vous avez l'occasion ...